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Business in Turkey gives new opportunities in the Middle East and European market, such as: good profit, the opportunity to get a residence permit / permanent residence or become a resident of this country. The ideal geographical position of this country opens the door to Europe and Asia. This country borders 4 seas, which makes the logistics of goods convenient and affordable. 

Company Registration in Turkey

According to a recent international study, Turkey is ranked 20th in the world in creating a protective environment for foreign investors. We help you determine which organizational and legal form is suitable for your business, provide business consultations, prepare a complete list of documents and authorities where everything needs to be registered. The attitude in Turkey is more loyal and have no such complicated bureaucracy as it is in Germany. Registering a business is much easier and cheaper than in the EU countries. Owing to our eight years of business experience throughout Turkey, we can confidently help you minimize your costs for endless trips to lawyers and tax advisors who make it look complicated with unnecessary papers. We provide only real information and real terms.

Types and legal forms of business


Turkey's standard corporate tax rate is 20% but has been temporarily raised to 25% in 2021 and 23% in 2022. VAT in Turkey is 18%, for certain types of goods/services it can be reduced to 1% and 8%. Consumption tax for certain goods such as: oil, gas products, vehicles, alcoholic and carbonated products, certain consumer goods (furs, household appliances, caviar, etc.). SCT rates change every month and in 2022 for spirits and beer it is 65%, and for cigarettes 80%. Expenses incurred by a legal entity in obtaining income are deductible from the taxable amount.

IMPORTANT!!! We will advise you on how to save legally and get rid of half of the above mentioned taxes. We can help you to minimize your tax expenses as much as possible. We will consult you how to reduce legally the inheritance tax rate up to 5%. None lawyer or tax advisor will tell you about this.

Market Analysis

Depending on your plans and ideas of business, we will conduct a full market analysis and identify all the pitfalls. We will make your start and vision as easy as possible to achieve successful goals of your business. Due to our market analysis, you will understand how, and in what area it is worth moving on and in what not, without stuffing yourself with a single bump.

Search For Apartments/Office

Due to the large flow of immigrants and refugees in Turkey, it has become very difficult to rent an apartments or business office. Owing to our eight years of experience and network, we will help you find a house, apartment or office for an affordable price and in a short time.

Health Insurance

Turkey has made mandatory health insurance requirements for foreigners seeking residence status. Regardless of what status a foreigner plans to obtain - a residence permit or permanent residence, he/she must be insured. Insurance requirements are simple, but there are some nuances:

  • Insurance must cover the duration of the status of stay.
  • Insurance must be valid in Turkey.

There are a number of pros and cons that provide public and private health insurance. About what choice to make, our agency will be happy to share its experience and help you find the right option.

Job / Employment

Our agency will help to find the right position for you. We can provide you a good job, career growth, full package of social services and a pleasant team.


Education in Turkey is gaining popularity among foreign students, since the early 2000s, their number in the country has doubled. Government plans to attract even more foreigners by 2023.

You can study in Turkey on a very budgetary basis, the cost of programs in state universities starts from 300-400 USD per year, and in private ones from 6000-15000 USD. To study in English, you will need a TOEFL certificate, in Turkish - TÖMER. In both cases, level B2-C1 is required. Foreign language courses can be taken at almost every university at a very reasonable price. Turkish Universities actively participate in the European student exchange program Erasmus + and offer students some of their own programs, such as Mevlana or Farabi. Students from any country, can study for a semester or two on an exchange program outside of Turkey.

IMPORTANT!!! Owing to our experience and network, we will help you to enter any of the universities in Turkey without entrance exams. We will advise you on how to choose the right and appropriate faculty and profession. Studying in Turkish University gives the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for the entire period of study. After graduation, we guarantee you a good position throughout Turkey in Tourism (Cruise Lines, Airlines, Hotels and Travel Agencies), Health Industry, Engineering, Government and Sales.


The climate of this beautiful and sunny country has long time attracted tourists from all over the world. Turkey is bathed by 4 seas and each has its own ecosystem. Turkey is a predominantly mountainous country, therefore the climate is on average mountainous and continental. Summer in Turkey is hot and dry everywhere, winter is snowy and cold. In the Aegean and Mediterranean regions climate is subtropical Mediterranean, with hot summer and cool and rainy winter. The Black Sea region has a temperate maritime climate with typical warm summers and cool winters. The average temperature in winter is about +5 °C, in summer about +23 °C.

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