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Business in Bulgaria gives new opportunities in the European market, such as good profits, the ability to travel throughout Europe, the opportunity to get a residence permit or become a resident of this country.

Company Registration in Bulgaria

We help you determine which organizational and legal form is suitable for your business, provide business consultations, prepare a complete list of documents and authorities where everything needs to be registered. The attitude in Bulgaria is more loyal and have no such complicated bureaucracy as it is in Germany. Registering a business is much easier and cheaper, despite the fact that Bulgaria is also a member of the European Union. We will help to minimize your expenses for endless trips to lawyers and tax advisors who make it look complicated with unnecessary papers. We provide only real information and real terms.

Types and legal forms of business


Individuals who are residents and non-residents, are subject to income tax at a flat rate of 10%. Legal entities pay corporate income tax at a rate of 10%. Expenses incurred by a legal entity in obtaining income are deductible from the taxable amount. Capital gains tax is considered part of the income tax and is payable at a rate of 10% by both individuals and legal entities. The value added tax (VAT) rate in Bulgaria is 20%. A reduced rate is set for hotels and owners who rent out their property at a rate of 9%.

IMPORTANT!!! We will advise you on how to save legally and get rid of half of the above mentioned taxes. We can help you to minimize your tax expenses as much as possible. We will consult you how to reduce legally the inheritance tax rate up to 5%. None lawyer or tax advisor will tell you about this.

Market Analysis

Depending on your plans and ideas of business, we will conduct a full market analysis and identify all the pitfalls. We will make your start and vision as easy as possible to achieve successful goals of your business. Due to our market analysis, you will understand how, and in what area it is worth moving on and in what not, without stuffing yourself with a single bump.

Search For Apartments/Office

Due to the large flow of immigrants and refugees in Bulgaria, it has become very difficult to rent an apartments or business office. Owing to our experience and network, we will help you find a house, apartment or office for an affordable price and in a short time.

Health Insurance

Since 2015 Bulgaria has been making compulsory health insurance requirements for foreigners who wish to obtain residence status. Regardless of what status a foreigner plans to obtain - a residence permit or permanent residence, he must be insured. Insurance requirements are simple, but there are some nuances:

  • Insurance must cover the duration of the status.
  • Insurance must be valid on the territory of Bulgaria.

There are a number of pros and cons that provide public and private health insurance. About what choice to make, our agency will be happy to share its experience and help you find the right option.

Job / Employment

Our agency will help to find the right position for you. We can provide you a good job, career growth, full package of social services and a pleasant team.


The climate of the country is continental-Mediterranean, with cold winter and hot summer. Bulgaria is famous for its mineral springs, there are about 1600 in the country. It is also famous for its sea and ski resorts, beautiful beaches, forests and mountains. Depending on your type of activity, business, position and wishes, we will help to choose the right and comfortable city for you in Bulgaria.

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