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Business in Germany gives new opportunities in the European market, such as good profits, the ability to travel throughout Europe, the opportunity to get a residence permit / permanent residence or become a resident of this country.

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Company Registration in Germany

Business immigration to Germany becomes more and more popular. There are many important advantages why entrepreneurs choose moving to Germany. Business in this country means excellent prospects and opportunities, as well as a secure future for yourself and your family. We help you determine which organizational and legal form of business is suitable for you, provide business consultations, prepare a complete list of documents and authorities where everything needs to be registered. Many people know that German bureaucracy is very complicated, we will help to minimize your expenses for endless visits to lawyers and tax advisors who make it look complicated with unnecessary papers. We provide only real information and real terms.

Types and legal forms of business


The tax system in Germany is very multifaceted, it has been formed over the years and has more than 40 different taxes and fees for businesses and individuals. Some of them, residents of other countries, do not even know. Indeed, Germany has many unique taxes that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

One of the important features of the German taxation system is its division into several levels. In particular, taxes are divided into federal, state and municipal taxes. The interest rate is set separately in each of the regions of Germany. The richer the region is, the greater the tax burden on its residents and businesses.

In particular, entrepreneurs pay the following types of taxes and fees:

15% corporate tax for businesses and an additional 5.5% solidarity tax on the calculated value. Such tax is calculated for one calendar year.

VAT - In this case, there are three rates: zero, standard 19% and reduced - 7%. This is an indirect tax and it is paid by the end consumer, and the agent is the entrepreneur and business that have become VAT payers.

Capital gains tax - 25% annually will have to be paid on all income from deposits and securities. From the calculated amount, businesses and entrepreneurs also deduct an additional 5.5% for solidarity.

Industrial tax for business - it is regional and has a base rate of 3.5%, but this is only in those regions that are not too rich. In the richer regions, this tax can reach up to 14-18% for business. There is also an inheritance tax from 15% to 50%.

IMPORTANT!!! We will advise you on how to save legally and get rid of half of the above mentioned taxes. We can help you to minimize your tax expenses as much as possible. We will consult you how to reduce legally the inheritance tax rate up to 5%. None lawyer or tax advisor will tell you about this.

Market Analysis

Depending on your plans and ideas of business, we will conduct a full market analysis and identify all the pitfalls. We will make your start and vision as easy as possible to achieve successful goals of your business. Due to our market analysis, you will understand how, and in what area it is worth moving on and in what not, without stuffing yourself with a single bump.

Search For Apartments/Office

Due to the large flow of immigrants and refugees in Germany, it has become very difficult and even almost impossible to rent an apartments or business office. Owing to our experience and network, we will help you find a house, apartment or office for an affordable price and in a short time.

Health Insurance

In Germany, you can find more than a hundred different health insurance companies. They are divided into two types - public (gesetzliche Krankenkassen) and private (private Krankenkassen). The difference from each other in their availability, the amount of insurance premiums and the costs they cover. You are free to choose your insurance company. In the case of private, there are a number of restrictions. Not everyone is accepted there, but only representatives of certain professions (civil servants, self-employed, students), as well as employees with a high income. The state health insurance funds, as a rule, accept everyone who has submitted an application. The majority of Germans (90 percent of the population) are still insured by state-owned companies, either mandatory or voluntarily. The contribution is 15.5 percent of the policyholder's annual income (gross) and is paid monthly. As soon as you receive a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) in Germany, you are obliged to have an insurance, as every citizen of the country. Health insurance companies usually pay for doctor visits and hospitalizations, and also partially or completely reimburse the cost of medicines.

It is very difficult to choose the right insurance company, as many do not have a 24/7 service, or service in English. Many private insurance companies may charge additional fees for chronic medical diseases. About all this, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

Job / Employment

Our agency will help to find the right position for you. We can provide you a good job, career growth, full package of social services and a pleasant team.

IMPORTANT: If you have an innovative idea and you want to promote your Startup, we will help you find the right partners in Germany, the right accelerators with funding of 2000 Euros monthly and full package of services. And also, investors and endless number of programs that will be happy to invest your idea. Depending on your Startup idea, we will select the right city and federal state in Germany to participate in certain programs. We advise in this area from A to Z.


The climate in Germany is quite diverse, in the north of Germany is rainy and windy and in the south all four seasons prevail. Many cities are very gloomy and cold, which of course affects your mood. Depending on your type of activity, business, position and wishes, we will help to choose the right and comfortable city for you in Germany.

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